Version Control: Git, Windows, and Dreamweaver

I’ve been doing some reading on version control, and had to make the choice: git… or subversion? Git…. or subversion. After reading subversion was supposedly “easier,” and find it not quite easy at all I decided to make the jump to git. I’m not quite there.. yet. However, has been a big help. Read more about git at the wikipedia page if you’re unfamiliar.

Thus far I’ve been learning the commandline elements, which I’m comfortable with because most of the editing I do no longer involves any form of a wysiwyg (like Dreamweaver), and can in fact, be done from the commandline… Which is convenient, because I can access the commandline of my ubuntu desktop via my cell phone.

However, I realize that there may be times in which I may be working with people who I may need to share some form of version control with that do, in fact, use the Windows operating system regularly. (Admission of guilt: I still use Windows on my laptop too, so no false claims of being a total purist myself either.)

So, without further ado, enjoy a few relevant windows & git links:

  • TortoiseGit
  • GitWeaver – TortoiseGit… but from inside dreamweaver. Extension works with CS/CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5 (I think).
  • – Awesome git guide.
  • “git checkout” man(ual) page – I found this necessary because gitref didn’t cover checkout as well as some of the other stuff (which it did quite well).

Okay… Back to gitref for me…

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