Build A References List Instantly with PMID Citation Plus for WordPress

PMID Citation Plus for WordPress is here! This plugin fills a very unique need that I’ve observed in the WordPress community. It allows you to input PMID numbers listed on abstracts at PubMed and have a Wikipedia-styled references section at the bottom of your post built for you.

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Installation Instructions
All you need to do is unzip it in your wp-content/plugins folder and then activate it in the wp-admin area of your blog.

Like this plugin? Want to contribute?
If you like this plugin there’s a few different ways you can contribute.



The references block at the bottom of a blog post.

The PMID Citation Plus entry field above the update/publish button.

and the place you get this PMID from, of course….

5 thoughts on “Build A References List Instantly with PMID Citation Plus for WordPress

  1. Hi, I was hoping to use this but it’s not working with a 3.4.1 site, says it cannot populate the meta information. Any chance there will be an update?

    • Hi TR,
      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to get it fixed over the next few days. I may also roll out a premium version with some more features (like being able to hover the reference to see the abstract) if that is of any interest to you.

  2. Ditto on the meta issue. If I republish a few times, I can get past the error, but it only properly shows the 1st citation; the successive one(s) only show “PubMed” and the ID #, with a functional link. Doesn’t seem to pull the title data.

    Much thanks for building this, though. We’ll be using a ton of citations and this will be wonderful.

    • Still haven’t figured this one out. Can you take a snapshot of the error and share it?

      By the way, version v1.0.3 should be available here in a few hours: this version adds the abstract as a tooltip.

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