UniqueArticleWizard.com Review: How UAW Increased Traffic 40% On An Established Website

Quick background: Unique Article Wizard, or UAW for short, is a monthly membership site that takes articles you create or pay someone to create (they now offer that service too) and distributes “unique” versions of that article to hundreds of websites based on the category of the given article.

Though some people claim to get traffic directly from the articles themselves I have seen no evidence of this in any substantial matter, certainly no more than what you would get from EzineArticles, which is meager fair enough. Instead, I have used UniqueArticleWizard as a strategy for building links to boost rank in Google’s search engine results pages (serps for short), thereby indirectly bringing in traffic.

Basically, you send out an article, and then immediately get an incoming link from every website that accepts your article, and since Google relies on link popularity it counts all of these new pages on tons of websites as “unique” pages that are linking to your content and thus indicating that it is more important for eyeballs on the web.

As I mentioned in briefly in my recent post entitled “Zeroing In On Backlinking with Unique Article Wizard,” I have recently really been going the extra mile to drop all other projects not consisting of using UAW and go “full-tilt” so to speak on backlinking with this tool to really get a feel for what kind of results can be achieved. If I’m going to pay the membership fee I might as well really get a feel for it, right?

I’ve established three different experimental backlinking scenarios, only one of which I’ll talk about in this post since I feel it is the most meaningful:

  • Backlinking an older (years), established retail website that is already experiencing a significant degree of success.
  • Backlinking a newish website that has an extraordinarily large number of pages, but very little search traffic.
  • HEAVILY (and I do mean heavily) backlinking a brand new website receiving zero traffic that is in a challenging niche in an attempt to “break through.”

The website I’ve chosen to discuss in this post is several years old, has a couple of thousand pages, and I used UAW submissions to systematically backlink the top 100 of them with varying anchor text. In total, about 30 articles were submitted on a wide variety of subjects not necessarily pertaining to the actual subject matter of the retail website.

Unique Article Wizard Search Traffic Stats
The annotations at the bottom of the graph denote the period of time I was still writing, and submitting new articles daily to UAW.

There’s a few interesting things to note here. The page that experienced this jump was already receiving well over 300 visits a day strictly from search engines. A nearly 40% change on a website receiving 10 visits a day is not that notable, however, a jump of this magnitude on a website that’s well established is.

The other experimental scenarios did reveal some interesting things as well, however, I will save that discussion for a future post. If you enjoyed this post, or are looking to use UniqueArticleWizard.com, I would like to take a moment to point out that the links in the preceding paragraphs to the UAW website are, in fact, affiliate. Despite this, I can assure you that the results in this review on uniquearticlewizard’s effectiveness are in fact, genuine, and I believe show that this service is worthwhile as a tool for traffic building via article marketing.

Zeroing In On Backlinking with Unique Article Wizard

Recently I’ve been really cutting out a lot of the noise. I took about a month off from facebook with a few small exceptions, completely dropped all Reddit browsing, and pretty much scaled back a lot of my normal leisure activities. I included ordinary blogging as one of those activities to be scaled back.

Despite the fact that daily blogging recently had showed me some really great results (read 1 Post A Day For 61 Days), as much as it pained me to do this, I abruptly stopped posting in preference for generating articles, and posting them on numerous article directories.

I used Unique Article Wizard, which is a monthly subscription service, to also distribute them more widely than just Ezinearticles.

I’ve had success on most sites I’ve worked with in local niches just submitting 2 or 3, but I really wanted to go full tilt on this one and submitted around 30 articles for one successful website I haven’t done any backlinking on in a few years, as well as another which is brand new and I’m trying to break into an already competitive niche.

So far I’ve seen a 15% increase in traffic on the established site (it’s been less than a month since my last article went out, and the traffic was originally pulling about 400-500 qualified visitors a day), and a larger increase with the new site (proportionally).

The cool thing is, actually, since every article I submitted could have two links, I slipped in links to every site in my possession. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve seen an increase across the board on every single site I own.

I expect to see some really compelling results in the coming months, which I’ll report back here.


I might just post travel pictures, instead, and leave you to infer things. By the way, that Unique Article Wizard I posted is affiliate. If you’re thinking of signing up… Give me some love.

SocialBlade Releases Awesome YouTube Tool

SocialBlade just released a freaking AWESOME YouTube tool. Check it:

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Article Marketing Increases Speed of Google Indexing

Whenever I start doing search engine optimization work on any new website I try my best to get a few different forms of analytics setup (such as Google Analytics, and the awesome KPMRS) and start making good notes early on. This can help me refine and narrow down what techniques yield the most quickly.

Today I checked on a website I had started a drip distribution of spun articles on ~24 days ago and was surprised at the robustness of the results. Not so much that the website is pulling heavy traffic — it’s not. More so that the articles so rapidly helped the site go from getting virtually zero traffic from search engines, to at least getting some minor traffic. The graph really shows the difference! See below: