Simple Tags WordPress Plugin

I’ve stopped using categories for the most part, at least temporarily, as I’ve started to adopt tagging more. This is a more intuitive way of organizing my posts, I think. I used to use delicious a lot, but since I realized I could use my blog for almost all of the exact same purposes by making better use of the WordPress tagging feature, I’ve transmuted that same energy into blog posts. Suddenly I’ve realized I actually have a lot of blogging material.

So when I first started doing this I asked myself the obvious question: OK, these tags are great, but is there a way to make them awesome? So I started looking around for plugins that augment the behavior of WordPress’ tags just to see what is available. What I found is that, seemingly, SimpleTags is the undisputed heavy-weight.

SimpleTags Features:

  • Allows pages to be tagged.
  • Suggests tags via: Yahoo! Term Extraction API, OpenCalais, Alchemy, Zemanta, Tag The Net, Local DB. (All of which I know nothing about)
  • Allows you to auto link tags into post content. This means if you tag “WordPress” on a post, every time you mention “WordPress” within the post it will become a link to all the other posts with the wordpress tag in them.
  • Allows you to automatically include tags in your meta keywords.
  • Allows a related posts section to posts, and optionally, the feed as well. Usually I use contextual related posts, but this is pretty cool and seems functional.
  • Gives you access to a customizable tag cloud that can be inserted into the template, or within posts and pages.

This plugin is very customizable, and might be a keeper: Get SimpleTags