Migrating Your Friends to a Facebook Business Page

The other day I saw something that came as kind of a surprise. Someone who I was at one time facebook “friends” with had converted me into a fan of their fan page and in one fell swoop removed me from their personal profile. Though I hadn’t heard an announcement of such a tool, I knew it had not been done by magic so I did some researching and figured out how they did it through a little post published in March at insidefacebook.com:

For the first time, Facebook now allows personal user profiles to be converted into official business Pages, turning all their friends into fans. The “Profile To Business Page Migration” tool will help people who either created a personal profile for a business before Pages existed, or accidentally started accumulating fans as friends instead of Likes. (via.)

I guess I kind of wonder how long this tool will stay around. It seems like it would be easier to accumulate facebook “friends” than fans, and using a tool like this could be one way of amassing a big fan page quickly. Not that I think that would be a particularly polite tactic, but it certainly seems plausible.

It appears that they’ve also created a merge appeal tool for those that have changed their mind about the conversion. For more information on the whole process view their help center page on the conversion process, and make sure to backup your profile before doing anything first.